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CivE 622 goes on a canoe trip

Maricor Arlos

Sept 3, 2021

The students enrolled in CivE 622 (Physico-chemical Water and Wastewater Treatment) canoed along the urban sections of the North Saskatchewan River to understand the role of Source Water Protection Plan as a part of a multibarrier approach to water treatment.

I am a big fan of experiential learning. Taking the students outside the classroom provides a refreshing opportunity for them to reflect on their learning. It was a beautiful weather and were also lucky to have Michelle Gordy and Danielle Barry from the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance. Through them, we learned more about our watershed, which is a whopping 57,000 square kilometers in size! T

The students learned about the complexities of source water protection and the contributions of each stakeholder (academia, government, industry, non-for-profit) in making informed decisions. As an instructor, the most exciting part was to hear my students' "AHA" moments. A lot of them shared their personal stories and experiences related to their connection to water. It was definitely rewarding experience for me and I am hoping to be inspired even more as I move forward with this career!

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