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Our Research 

We focus on municipal and industrial wastewater-related research projects, including the fate and transport of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in surface waters and the impact of their fluctuating concentrations in our aquatic environment. We continue to apply different methodologies to answer our research questions. These include (1) advanced analytical chemistry techniques, (2) bioanalytical tools, and (3) fate/transport modeling.  We have successfully collaborated with municipalities (City of Calgary), provincial government (Alberta Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas, AEPA), industry (e.g., oil sands, startup water tech companies), and  academics in Canadian Institutions (UCalgary, UToronto, UWaterloo, UAlberta) and abroad (ETH-Zürich, University of the Philippines). We continue to work with international water research institutes (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology [Eawag], Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research [UFZ]).

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Ongoing Research Projects

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