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Partitioning of wastewater-derived micropollutants in environmental and biological matrices

This project is in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Munkittrick, Dr. Fred Wrona, and Dr. Kerry Black from the University of Calgary, Dr. Karen Kidd from McMaster University, and Dr. Mark Servos from the University of Waterloo. We work closely with the City of Calgary to address their needs and create reasonable plans moving forward with micropollutant monitoring in their watershed. This project is funded by NSERC Alliance (PI: Dr. Munkittrick) 

Biological Purification


Our role in this project is to determine the spatial and temporal occurrence of micropollutants in highly urbanized sections of the Bow River Watershed. Micropollutants are substances present in our environment at extremely low concentrations but they may have an impact on exposed aquatic organisms. We also utilize the artificial streams facility located at the "Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA)" facility in Calgary to answer questions related to their uptake by aquatic organisms.

Related Publications

Arlos, M.J., Arnold, V.I., Bumagat, J.S., Zhou, J., Cereno, K.M., Deas, A., Dai, K., Ruecker, N.J. and Munkittrick, K.R., 2023. Combining chemical, bioanalytical and predictive tools to assess persistence, seasonality, and sporadic releases of organic micropollutants within the urban water cycle. Water Research, 244, p.120454.

Pulgarin Zapata, D., 2023. Investigating micropollutant partitioning in five environmental and biological matrices collected in replicate artificial streams.



NSERC Discovery Grant (NSERC RGPIN-2021-02412)
NSERC Alliance Grant (ALLRP 567652-21) -- co-funded by Alberta Innovates and the City of Calgary


Daniela Pulgarin Zapata (MSc Graduated)
Seth Bumagat
Katrina Cereno
Alex Zhou
Alison Deas


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