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Daniela visits the University of Waterloo for a research exchange!

Maricor Arlos

May 2, 2022

It's nice to journey back to where Maricor's love for water research began! This time, she brought Daniela with her!

It feels remarkable being back at UWaterloo after four years. Maricor learned how to run the LC-MS/MS while doing her Master's in Environmental Engineering and found this a significant research instrument she uses to answer her research questions. Daniela is now learning this under the same mentor (Leslie Bragg and Mark Servos) and we are so excited to see the results.

Daniela collected samples from water, sediments, fish, biofilms, and invertebrates to assess the bioaccumulation patterns of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in aquatic environments. She went to ACWA (artificial streams facility) in Calgary several times in the Fall of last year. The results from the LC-MS/MS analysis will tell us what would be the next steps of our research!

Good luck, Daniela!

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