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Fei joined the FESCOM Science Communication Training Program

Fei Cheng

Nov 1, 2022

Students in the Arlos Lab find ways to improve science/engineering communication to the public!

Fei joined the FESCOM Science Communication Training program in Fall 2022 and presented her table-top demo to the visitors at Telus World of Science. She created a match game for the kids which was connected to her research topic, treating an industrial waste with another industrial waste material. From the given images, the kids would first identify the industrial process and its associated products and byproducts, and then they would explore the potential opportunities to reuse, treat, or dispose of the waste. It was really interesting for her to learn how kids study and interpret the images from different angles. At the end, all kids who played this game that day chose to reuse or treat the waste over direct disposal.

According to Fei, "It was a great experience that I got to meet new people, learned about communication, and the Telus World of Science event was also a lot of fun!".

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